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April 2021 Update

Bredon Community Play & Recreation

The British weather sure has kept us on our toes over the last few weeks, sunshine, rain, hail and snow, and sometimes all in the same day! Regardless of what the weather is like though, the playing fields sure are getting used. It’s been so lovely to see so many people enjoying all the facilities. Our new swings have been a massive hit with all the children, and from what we’ve seen even a few mums and dads have been enjoying them! We have had some fabulous feedback particularly in regard to the Inclusive swing seat.

It has also been wonderful to see all the sports folk of Bredon back on the pitches and courts enjoying themselves! Bredon playing fields really did come alive again and it was brilliant to see the smiling faces of the players and the parents enjoying their much loved sports that have been missed so much. It was a successful start for the Bredon AFC Juniors who all won their matches – result! Go Bredon Go! The football club was open for takeaway tea, coffee and sausages – there was a buzz in the air, and it felt like the playing fields were alive again!

200 Club

Since our plea last month, we have received 10 new members for our 200 Club. A massive thanks to those of you who have recently joined, your support really does matter. There is still time to join for 2021, so if you want to support our playing fields and keep thinking that you’d like to join but keep forgetting, just send us a quick email and we will get you on the road to becoming a member. Don’t forget you will also be in with a chance to win some money in our prize draws! Email

We have just held the 2nd draw of 2021 and we are pleased to announce the winners are:

· £10 – Katie Jackson

· £10 – Amanda Bath

· £10 – Tracey Ford

· £25 – Richard Cowley

· £25 – Kevin Falvey

· £50 – Rachel Nicholls

Sunday Maintenance Volunteers

Yes, we are still asking for help. We have only a few people who come down to help Wendy once a month with some general gardening and tidying up – and two of those don’t even live in the village anymore. We aren’t asking you to commit to every month, but if you fancy helping out now and again, we can put your name on our volunteer list and send you the next maintenance date (usually the last Sunday of the month). You can then email Wendy if you’re available. We don’t need many people on the list but would love to have enough to form a rota basis so that the same few people don’t need to volunteer every month.

If you want to get out, enjoy the park and get some gardening exercise at the same time please email Wendy with your interest on


It has been brought to our attention that with the increased park use the litter bins have been overflowing recently. We have made enquiries to try to organise more frequent emptying of the bins. Could we please ask park users help us out and where possible, when the bins are full, take your litter home with you rather than leave bags of waste to pile up alongside the bins.

Once again, thanks to the whole village for your continued support. Hopefully the weather will continue to improve, and we can meet up for many more picnics and plays at our playing fields.

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